This woman and man, both coaches and trainer and writer, were standing in front of me. We were in a hurry.

“Runy what do you do?”

“Why do you write all those stories every week and share your videos every day? What is your business?”

My business is coaching you to create your dream life, where you know exactly which roles to play – husband, wife, father, mother, friend, online business owner and traveler. My business is to give you clarity on all those roles so you live at peace, so you reach all your potential in each role.

My business is helping you become the man or woman of your dreams. I’m a rockstar, you are a rockstar. Lets rock this life. Imagine if we could make a Dream Plan of your life. What do you want in this life? What do you want to create and give back to this world, to your children?

My business is to let you step into the role of the director of the movie called Your Life. To see this movie playing for real in front of your eyes. First in thought, then felt in your heart and then touched with your hands as it becomes reality.

My business is to travel with you to that place called: “I’m living my dream life!”. Do you know that place? Cause I’m in that place right now!!! I found my story of my purpose in life. And I know each of you have your own story hidden in you. The man and women were listening to me and thinking: is this possible?

My business is not only to help you discover your Dream plan for your dream life, but also to show you exactly how you can create an online business, with 8 key processes and 11 online systems working together like digital assistants in your virtual team, so you can live that dream life as a coach, trainer and writer, and travel wherever you want to the world, dine wherever you want without ever looking at the price on the menu, plan your vacation without ever thinking whether you can afford this vacation with your family and sleeping at night knowing you can provide for your family. Because the online system you have built creates recurring customers that come to you, instead of you chasing them every day with phone calls for your strategy sessions.

That is my business. Follow me to my home ( is my home), I am Runy, mydreambusinesscoach. If you put a ‘dot’ and ‘com’ behind mydreambusinesscoach you find my home I hang around. Give me your name and email address at the front door that say sign up and I’m taking you to your dream life.

Is that a deal? Let’s move! You are a rockstar!

PS: How does your dream life, the roles you want to play -e.g superdad, mompreneur at home, ….look like? Give me an exact description of what you would like to be in your dreams.
Tell me where you are right now and what bothers you? What your struggles are? What you don’t like right now about your life. And what is holding you back, the one thing holding you back to start building your dream life and dream online business. Do you believe it is possible?

Click here and fill in the one question about your main struggle with building your dream life and with building an online business that supports that life. Please come back to fill in the second one quick survey here with only 6 questions to give me more details about your situation.

Remember, the more specific you can be, the more you tell me the better I can understand your situation. I will then try to find your story and write my take on it in another episode.. without mentioning your name! Promise. I would like to get at least 25 people listening to this fill in that survey. And the 25th person who fills in that survey will get a free session with me within two weeks. In that session I’m gonna go all way and give you all I have.

“My dream is for your to realize your dream.”