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integrated kitchen industry analysis
release date: 2016/5/6 16:40:19 views: 5430
if 08 years ago, regarded as the bud of integrated kitchen industry; since 2009 to promote the industry of words. then, after some time, the industry will gradually into the industry, "growing fast", the length of this process determines the degree of unity in business and industry to improve the speed of the collective consciousness of their own problems.
    (* note: 08, 09 years ago, only a few companies are doing integrated kitchen products, after a explosive growth, so before you see this as a 'budding'; after 09, 10 years and there is a brand operation investment boom until 2012 gb introduced, so this time look for the 'promotion period'.)
    objectively speaking, before the industry is most concentrated product quality problems (process quality is unstable, oil spills, maintenance inconvenience ...), at this stage most of the enterprise has been basically solved. but why the entire integrated kitchen industry's market share is still seen substantial growth? manufacturers and distributors have felt a bit lost, in succession from their own point of view and find out the reasons, to see a variety of methods and opinions are also constantly surfaced.
    first, decadent. "integrated kitchen disadvantages more than advantages, there is no promotional value." even with a brand, a manufacturer of a product to completely negate the entire industry; or substitute the judgment of the national market from a local market performance.
    second, the "patient" faction. "product (industry) awareness is low, immature market, hold the position, waiting for the opportunity." there is this idea of a dealer can sell a count, or to go bankruptcy, or to go to the transfer of business focus; the manufacturers have this idea is stop market or simply put into oem oem manufacturing.
    third, the market pie. not to analyze the relationship between 'product positioning and their business situation as well as dealers' and siding sales blindly want to market means to solve the problem. not only from the "investment policy", and also from the market guidelines, strange come up with some so-called "coup" and "big move", own upfront, dealers have to follow. finally - not only myself frustrated, but also hurt the loyal dealer groups. moreover, the direct risk-averse, so that dealers "scapegoat" ...... well known in the industry knows the meaning xiaoyong, not dwell on this example.
    fourth, the technical school. and a class on the contrary, they believe that the biggest problem is that "the product features, appearance and quality performance." obsessed with appearance, transformation and functional improvements. a loud noise seems right, in fact, can not withstand scrutiny. there are three reasons, 1, since the industrial revolution, to manufacturers that the scheme is a good product market quickly denied numerous cases, the so-called "untimely" is the truth; 2, integrated kitchen industry history, then how calculations for 10 years, so heritage, which designers can guarantee the products to make everything? 3, integrated kitchen electric stove is a traditional "derivatives industry" and the cabinet industry "associated trade" not proficient electric kitchen, but not the kitchen cupboard decoration and design team.

    in addition to these typical four thoughts, the rest of the other views do not complicated eleven summarized.

    after reading the above summarized, we have to analyze the real essence of the problem. the biggest problem the industry at this stage, is that the essence of "people"; second is "the industry's consciousness"; the third is that the industry's "spread."
    "people" issues - after the gradual completion of product quality and stability, why not see the whole industry a corresponding market growth rate? biggest sticking out on the quality of training of human resources system upstream manufacturers and marketing personnel. as far as i know, no company spared this preparatory work, did not even do! ! !
    the high cost of it? affirmative answer: "not." we do not like to sell boeing aircraft, unlike lockheed martin to sell rockets. cultivate a good, able to train dealers, on the ground there is the driving force to promote the integrated kitchen extension workers, unlike a test pilot, need to foster equal weight of gold; do not need rocket salesman, graduate like profound know how. the key reason for this is the missing link - integrated kitchen industry, business, the group did not realize this for a job in the "promotion of industry," the importance of the emerging industry. simply an "improved product" did not carry out synchronous reserve and training such personnel.
    contrast the traditional kitchen appliances business, to be located in a second-tier brands (rsd kitchen) as an example: 7,8 young man in his early twenties promotion department, where new franchisees, and where sales tight, and immediately depart. old and new, with two, namely dealers with combat training, and trained reserve force, but also the solution of the urgent needs of the market. over time, the market has been moving forward, the best distributors will naturally come to the fore. - in this case, it is worth pondering the industry ......
    if the beginning of the industry, the industry has to make the most painful experience of "product blasting oil" problem, in recent years the real estate industry is limited lower that affect integrated kitchen industry: there are two issues "act of god" is suspected, then this problem purely "man-made." woe to the few large "many manufacturers of so-called business managers can not face the retail market."

    this is said above - the problem of people. lack of human resources is the essence of a system of industry sectors.

    "the industry's consciousness" - it says that the human resources section of the manufacturers 'group transient amnesia,' here's what the "factory and factory", "manufacturers and dealers" and "professional managers and salespeople ground" a large area between the 'consciousness insulation'.
    mao zedong's strategic thinking of the two most important "encircling the cities" and "destroy the enemy in the movement" has been for the majority of 'war experts' interpretation of the head up. however, mao zedong thought, the more important a "common understanding" was the owner of our industry rests on the back of the head. small generic name of the product; the product to the general training materials; large product and market positioning. each side, wants to dominate. in "integrated kitchen gb" has today issued the following year, still someone selling out loud "green kitchen", "a certain kitchen", as well as enterprises in the great "personality" to stick with their own product model code; no companies are willing to cooperate to compile and share common product training materials; there are people clamoring for their products are popular products (low-end consumer goods) ......
    dominate the arena is a good thing. the problem is - everyone's status quo is a "single dealer can dominate local markets, companies are mostly less than 10 million small and micro enterprises," and that the cake (the market) has not been formed, led by maverick can achieve the purpose of it? is it possible? is it necessary? i have personally experienced the chinese tv industry players and quickly defeated and the rapid rise of foreign brands in the process. regardless of the television industry, in fact, the initial stage of industry players are mostly "small micro" was born! in comparison, xiaoyong not considered "background", nor is it planned "uniform" reasons. the difference is that these two sectors at the starting stage and everyone's tacit understanding to form a market force.
integrated kitchen industry now urgently needed is a pattern: a unified understanding of the industry, a unified product explanation; between different brand dealers, understanding, even secretly helped industry relationships ...... this situation is not impossible to achieve, which the enterprise must take the lead to enhance the interaction between dealers and even the team to do the ground campaign. 3,5 brands of lead is sure to bring unexpected marketing speed!
    industry, "spread" - having a problem with people issues and awareness, we look at the present stage we (manufacturers and dealers) are the most troublesome point - the industry, "the degree of understanding" and product "visibility" low . this is a "high cost of mass media communication" industry itself and there is no contradiction, "mature and efficient means of communication," the.
there is an argument called "throwing money" theory, meaning is to have long, huge amounts of money involved in the industry in order to quickly improve visibility; there is a "wait" theory, expect the dealer to the ground to promote the progressive expansion to achieve universal. the key question is: under the current background, how there may be investors willing to do business like that lei feng? expected to ground into dealer groups, it will bring higher operating costs, thereby enabling retail prices, or will affect the 'spread' speed. these are not the way out of the problem.
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