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three positive factors kitchen electricity market this year will be prosperous
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with the improvement of people's living standards and enhance housing conditions, kitchen companies are constantly upgrading product functionality and comfort. in recent years, home kitchen products, highlighting the property, more in line with the needs of modern families. in recent years, the domestic real estate market appetite, affect the home appliance market boom, but with the real estate market is getting warmer, kitchen electric market, especially in high-end kitchen electric market, the rapid growth and great development potential. taking all factors, we are more optimistic about the future of the kitchen appliances market.

appliance industry factors influence the rise and fall

house selling well, home appliances to sell well

the impact of domestic kitchen appliances industry, the rise and fall mainly in the following two factors:

first, real estate. current holdings of kitchen products is relatively low, consumer demand for kitchen products to new demand-based, so a greater impact by domestic real estate sales. historically the past few years, in 2009, in 2013 the overall real estate rally good for the growth of kitchen products, has played an important role.

second, the macroeconomic policies. a direct impact on consumer expectations and management of future income for the current consumer behavior for the entire appliance market has a decisive influence. finally, the relevant state policy of subsidies, such as home appliances and energy subsidies and other policies have contributed to the rapid spread of kitchen products.

next, we have to analyze under kitchen appliances market prospects look good.

urbanization, just need to ensure that the market

enhance the urbanization rate represents the change in consumer lifestyles, a great role in promoting products for the kitchen and there. it is reported that china's current urbanization rate of over 50%, but, as calculated according to the household population is only about 35%, far below the average level of developed countries. compared to other large appliances, household currently has one hundred amount of kitchen products is still at a low level, as china's rising income and vendors to continue to promote kitchen and bathroom products, kitchen products, the future will continue to growth.

urbanization is an important driving force of modern economic growth, urbanization, housing projects around the country have built and will gradually deliver, kitchen electric market will therefore bring new opportunities to present the home appliance brands online channels and three or four markets the degree of attention gradually increase. with the acceleration of urbanization process, the future of new consumer demand will be focused on the release.

urbanization good appliance market

in addition to domestic sales, export momentum is also good. according to relevant statistics show that in 2013, china's household electrical appliances exports $ 61.44 billion a year earlier, an increase of 8.3%, including kitchen electrical appliance exports increased to play a certain role. for example, major appliances exports of $ 26.93 billion, representing a growth of only 3.3% over the same period last year. large-scale export products, rice cookers increased considerably, exports increased by 32%; the smaller products, humidifiers and electric hot water heaters, induction cooker rapid growth, export volume grew 132 respectively year %, 27.3% and 19.2%.

in addition, with the main drift shopping population 80 after the army entered the marriageable age, 90 closely followed by a new generation of housing demand and requirements for the quality of life of these two factors, and other kitchen appliances will bring new growth.

internet boost market vitality

in addition to market policies which rise and fall of the two main factors of home appliances, kitchen appliances on the impact of the internet channel also gradually becoming apparent, and there was a positive impact.

data show that in 2013 the overall appliance market reached 1.36 trillion, accounting for 8.5% market online, including kitchen appliances accounted for more than 33% of the online market, and the line with the rapid development of internet and the popularity of mobile internet the size of the market share is growing, which will large kitchen appliances and electrical life sales growth has brought new marketing channels. like last year, during the two-eleven, hood, gas stoves, water heaters and kitchen smoke suit four categories of products to implement a total of 236 million yuan in sales.

avc data

hood development so far, the city is home essential products, high market share in the home, according to ovid consulting data show that 2013 sales volume hood single month record highs, the line is particularly prominent, 13 years hood online market in the second half in a single month has sold more than 50,000 units, accounting for about 20% of the overall market size.

online sales accounted for gas stove market is improving, higher than the market online and offline market. products, industrial upgrading stove industry with high efficiency and technological innovation, development, and manufacturing high-profile manufacturers low-carbon, energy, fashion and many other features of the stove, the whole industry is very dynamic.

sterilizer is also becoming a major family kitchen appliances, disinfection cabinet by means of online marketing channels continue to increase sales, sterilizer consumer groups, mostly online shopping consumers, as people continue to enhance the quality of life, it is the mainstream embedded market. data show that online sales market share significantly higher than other kitchen electric products.

from the various data, the proportion of online sales of home appliances has been increasing. and each household electrical appliance enterprises also become familiar with the operation of the electricity supplier and electricity supplier as a strategic focus for the future. in such a situation, net sales channels will gradually grow.

this year the market trend bullish

home appliance market research firm in the prc, the view that the next two years, kitchen appliances would be more robust growth, estimated better than the average of the entire appliance industry. less influence with different large appliances, small appliances and kitchen by the policy intervention, not prone to the case of large appliances sold as ups and downs. the main driving force of kitchen appliances from the consumer upgrade market factors such as the home culture, but this one's potential is relatively large. forecast the next five years the kitchen industry will maintain a 10% compound annual growth rate.

market prospects

cooker hood water heater to produce mainly electric kitchen pescod believes that the future growth of the industrial kitchen there is a great room for growth. pescod kitchen electric in its annual report that the outlook in 2014, to accelerate the process of urbanization, the rural market potential demand, urban family crest appliance replacement soon so will increase consumer demand, a large number of kitchen appliances.

from the national direction of the development of urbanization, the main factors to the housing market pick up, then the internet channel to promote, from the three positive factors, we can determine that this year's kitchen appliances market will be booming economy than last year.
smart home concept by holding, so since last year, among the biggest gainers appliances sector, continue to be strong this year. when the traditional home appliance manufacturers have to plan the transition, seize the smart home market, investors are most concerned about is the home appliances sector investment opportunities this year.

"from home appliances segment recent topics settings, the smart home has become the consensus of the industry, the impact of the internet on home appliance sector will continue to deepen. however, because of the maturity of the industry need to work together to promote all aspects, in addition to the real estate investment industry chain of logic worry will spread to the home appliances segment, so the chance of short-term segment of the home appliance industry is difficult to see. "appliance industry analyst hu yali said.

"smart home" by holding

this year, a-share market fad "smart home" style. january 2014 international consumer electronics show, sichuan changhong, haier, hisense, tcl and other domestic appliances manufacturers have exhibited "smart appliances" products, won a great concern in the market. from the secondary market performance, intelligent home appliances bearing plate during the maximum rose to 17.47%.

under the boom, the traditional home appliance manufacturers have raring force field of intelligent home. us group said it would spend 3 billion yuan to build a smart home research and development center. haier launched u intellectual life operating system. changhong announced a new "coordinate" the layout of home internet. market filled with "no appliances are not smart" ocs heat.

hu yali view, things investment floor, as well as the external environment changes brought about great development of internet, the entire appliance industry is an industry opportunity. part of the enterprise has accumulated a long time, the opportunity to feel the current market rise, the other part is only recently became involved. it will take certain strategic path to meet industrial opportunities, but current industrial level is still relatively early.

in hu yali view, smart appliances from industry advanced on three phases. first, there is intelligent interface hardware gradually enter consumers' homes, during which some vertical product-oriented enterprises may cultivating fairly well; the second is part of the industry chain enterprises driven, invest a lot of r & d and production, the scale at this stage will rapid expansion; the third is a large number of intelligent devices and services to be used in conjunction consumers, industry data into the operational stage, this time the most attractive is the data carriers and service providers.

"all aspects of maturity required to jointly promote the industry matures, this is also difficult to see in a year, so the chance of the plate is difficult to occur." hu yali said.

"overall, this year's home appliance industry, market focus and are the subject of proliferation, and to the deep understanding of some of the company's advantage before the outbreak may seize this opportunity. a few years ago along with institutional investors to vote 'white horse' like now institutions are constantly digging small breed. "hu yali said.

real estate risk worries

another factor that affects the home appliances section of the real estate industry investment logic.

last year, out of the home appliance industry, independent of the real estate market, plate or up to 66.52%, in the traditional industry in general downturn in the larger environment gratifying results.

"in the past, investment logic, consistency appliances with strong real estate, because of the decoration on the leading role of home appliances, but inconsistent last year." hu yali said the demand for home appliances around lags behind the actual turnover of real estate two to three quarters. 2012 real estate turnover more full, so last year, did not feel any negative impact of real estate. however, before and after the spring festival, the real estate industry investment logic concerns into the mainstream of home appliances segment to adjust the main risks when to release the real estate also need to observe.

gf securities, a research report believes that the national real estate auction in february continued the off-season performance in january, the overall turnover of the lower scale. 44 cities nationwide turnover index in february were down 37%, 39 cities housing turnover index decreased 34%. inventory, the national real estate stock index fell slightly by 1% housing stock index fell 2.5 percent, both ends of the supply and demand are at a disadvantage.
recently, the prc, issued a 2013 appliance market summary report and 2014 market forecast. the report shows that last year, the domestic appliance market clear signs of recovery, the market scale reached 1.38 trillion, an increase of 18.8%. among them, the air-conditioning sales retail sales reached 138.99 billion yuan, leading the white market.

data show that last year appliance market in each product category to hand over the transcripts, in addition to air-conditioning the overall sales leader in the white market, the environment, appliances usher in the golden period of development. among them, the air purifier appliance market in 2013 to become the fastest growing category jump up, the market scale reached 5.6 billion yuan, an increase of 105.9%.

the report also predicts that by 2014 the market performance of different categories of appliances or enthusiasm will increase generally narrowed. "energy-saving appliances subsidy policy makes market demand for early release, color tv market may be a slight decrease this year, white products to benefit the rural market holdings lift." the prc, peng yu, deputy general manager, said yesterday in an interview with chinese commercial news reporter cai fang.

nevertheless, the prc, also made in 2014, household appliances electricity supplier will continue to enlarge the scale. "4g network will be large-scale landing this year, will accelerate the 3c products intelligent collaboration and even extended to the whole industry chain of intelligent home appliances." peng yu expressed.
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