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from chinese-style hood to look at domestic kitchen stove integrated evolution
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as the saying goes, "the poor see the hall, rich look kitchen" food is in home decoration, kitchen decoration has become a top priority. tuzao firewood from the previous, more traditional gas stove and then to a new generation of integrated environmental stove. chinese people from the smoky kitchen stoves, tuzao way up a modern, open kitchen a whole era, electric and gas stove, range hood of the invention, technology innovation, so that the kitchen and out of the ashes and soot distress, into a new era.

chinese range hood

it is understood that the earliest chinese style range hood is thin, small suction, easy to drop the oil spill, later renamed the deep type. chinese range hood shape the rules, from the mounting position point of view, basically "ceiling" range hoods, long time in the success of the chinese market mainstream products.

smokeless stove

mounted on a wall or a kitchen window and balcony projecting out part of the stove top, the lower lockers, through the exhaust fan, with all the features of the original window of reinforced concrete members. smokeless stove to transform the whole structure of the house, now part of the rural areas are still using, for urban residential housing, the practical difference, fume exhaust fan for the removal function is not large, the impact on the entire community environment.

range hood

range hood range hood general reference diet designed european countries, fewer people in europe and america in general cooking fumes, so the small displacement range hood to meet the needs. for stir-fried chinese kitchen raging fire some drawbacks.

the first generation of integrated environmental stove

suction ring (deep) the next row is a first generation of integrated environmental stove integrated environmental stove. the first integrated environmental stove, a hood, gas stove, lockers, etc. to integrate its pumping effect of smoke has been greatly progress. but in deep discharge of such institutions, obvious defects, cookware fixed limit, incomplete combustion caused by excessive carbon monoxide, low thermal efficiency, flame, sparks easily inhaled the smoke chamber caused safety problems.

suction side of the upper hood

side suction hood exhaust 1980s had already appeared on the market, but in the european and chinese hood rivalry of two strong market failed to stand our ground. in 2007, sichuan push some business owners, and then into the first-line brand, nearly suction hood began blowing, but in the installation, the installation height but national and international regulations, safety compromised, so it is gradually out of the market.

the second generation integrated environmental stove

suction side integrated environmental stove bottom row is 2.0 integrated kitchen products. suction side integrated environmental stove bottom row meet consumer safety, health, energy, environmental protection, aesthetics demand, on behalf of electric kitchen, integrated kitchen in the right direction, with close to 100% smoke exhaustion is truly an open kitchen may!

the third generation integrated environmental stove

integrated kitchen 3.0 is china's third generation of integrated environmental stove that modular suction side integrated environmental stove bottom row, using 5s standard integrated modular design and integrated kitchen products mature symbol: functional modular style adaptation of the use of humanity technology, maintenance facilities, cleaner technology easily, bring more convenient combination of features, more comfortable experience, it is by far the most advanced kitchen appliances. modular suction side of the next row of integrated environmental stove integrated environmental stove become a mature product benchmark, nearly 100% of the net absorption rate of soot, sword 7 core set of national patent technology, to create a real chinese open kitchen "kitchen-core." thus, the advent of a new integrated kitchen, the perfect realization of the upgrading of the traditional kitchen, a breakthrough product technology is mature integrated environmental stove last bulwark, marking the entire integrated kitchen industry usher in a new era of 3.0.
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