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customer is the real boss
"all my colleagues are working for customers to buy our product. in fact, customers can dismiss everyone in our company. they only need to go to other places to spend money, you can do it.
important criteria to measure our success is to see our customers ── 'our boss' satisfaction.
let us all warm support the service, so that every day we are one hundred percent"
service concept: to your satisfaction!

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innovative valve co., ltd. is located in ningbo, the beautiful and rich south bank of hangzhou bridge, traffic is very convenient.

since its inception in 1990, from small to large, from weak to strong strength. the current production of gas cooker series (embedded stove, integrated kitchen) range hood, electric oven (steamer) integrated sink and liquefied petroleum gas regulator (valve) series, its performance in line with national standards, with the country's industrial production license qualifications, and passed the iso9001: 2008 international quality management system certification. "novors" brand lpg regulator was also named the 2014 "cixi brands" and the 2015 annual "ningbo famous brand."