I’m a little bit confused..

I don’t know which was better – Laguna Beach with the Tesla, the Mustang Cabrio of Alex Moraes, or my Caribbean Cocktail at the swimming pool just 700 meters from my home….

I guess I will keep creating my Business By Design and keep pressing #BBDlive. That business that supports this awesome dream life I’m living in….

You wanna find out what your dream life is…..it is all possible…. stay tuned.

For you, your dream life might be having dinner with your family with whatever restaurant you want, without ever having to look at the prices; a walk in a shop and pick the clothes and shoes you want, and KNOWING that your debit or credit card will NEVER be spit out and not accepted; plan that vacation to go on a cruise with your kids and know that the money will keep coming in while you are on cruise cause you can launch without having to be there or; Just waking up healthy again knowing your body will not let you down and is pumped and energized to live this dream day. Your mind is clear and your virtual team is there ready to rock again, cause you are a rockstar!

I have these all, you can have these all. It is for you to just imagine what you desire to be in this universe and what gift you bring to this world.

My 2 gifts are stories and dreams. And I know how to make them a reality.

Step into your dream life today in your mind,
Feel your dream life today in your heart,
And you will have your dream life in your hands.
Like this cocktail. Like this picture.

Keep visiting this awesome dream life you have seen in your mind everyday before you go to sleep, and, when you wake up first thing in the morning. And live and feel it many times during your day with your eyes wide open.

Some people will call you a dreamer but just tell them you are catching your dreams.

You are catching your dream on the film you call your life. They won’t be able to see the cocktail you have in your hands, the cruise you are living, the restaurants you are dining in or the clothes and shoes you are wearing.

Keep laser locked to this dream. Keep living in this dream with your eyes wide open. Sensing it with all your 5 senses.

Keep talking about this dream with all your higher faculties of your mind at the Great Round Table Meeting in Your Mind. Where your 5 senses are not invited. But where you sit with Higher faculties like Imagination, Perseverance, Willpower, Faith, Action, Gratitude. The Meeting chaired by Intuition. He always tells the stories of the right path to follow with a soft voice. Listen to how he speaks and has the last word. And let these Higher Faculties of your mind guide you and be your only advisers in your heart.

Because they are always at your side.

And when you live your life inside out and not outside in, when you let your heart filled with your most burning desire, direct the Movie of your life, and you do all I give you in this script I created for you above.
And you will fill in the blanks between the words with your own dream pictures, words and feelings. One day, maybe tomorrow, you will wake up and take the first step on the ground of your bedroom, and you open your eyes and you step into your dream.

You open your eyes and all your 5 senses will see, feel, taste, smell, touch and hear what you have been living and seeing all the time.
They won’t believe it at first. The 5 senses always are shocked the first time they see the blizz you have inside. The power of your consciousness. But they will get used to it very fast. They will love this real picture of your dreamed reality.

And that day, my dream for you will be completed.

Cause my dream is that you realize your dream.

That is my story.

Step into your dream today…
Enjoy the cocktail.

Spread this gift to all you can help realize their dreams.

Put this seed in the minds of your children like my mom put it in my mind years ago as a kid. And see how this seed will grow into a strong tree of dreams.

You are looking at my tree right now. Remember it all started with a small seed powered with consciousness and imagination.

I’ll one day tell you the story of your dream tree in the Garden of Eden. But that’s another story.

Let me know what your dream is. Show me your little tiny seed powered with consciousness and imagination. And I will put my laser beam of imagination on it and show you your big tree of your dreams.

I will show you exactly where it is….

I can only tell you this cause I am in the Zone and living in the Zone. So today, right now, step out of your comfort zone and take action. Run through the door called Fear and take action. Keep taking action and keep running in your Zone. Fear will stay ahead and try to catch you, but won’t be able to do it. Cause you are running in your Zone, pushing forward.

This story won’t stay here on top for ever. It will go down in history. In the history of all conversations. So I want you to copy it and paste it in your own Dream Journal!!! I will be there for you every day!

A copy of this story is on my home. Where they know me as Runy, mydreambusinesscoach.com. That is the place you can sign up to tune in for more stories and shows and also for all my upcoming dream experiences!

See you there.

This is another day in paradise…

“My dream is for you to realize your dream.”