How to build your dream villa in the Caribbean in 3 steps?

How to build your dream villa in the Caribbean in 3 steps?

Imagine you are sitting on the veranda of your beautiful Caribbean Dream Villa. The wind is blowing a sweet fresh breeze. The sun is shining her light on your beautiful garden full of tropical fruits.

Another day in paradise!

Check this film of a dream villa and come back here.

Dream Villa

You are back.

How did you get here? What did you do? And how can you explain to others how to do it?
It is easy. It goes in 3 steps:
1. Put this great dream villa in your Mind

2. Feel the great dream villa in your heart

3. Have this great dream villa in your hands.

That is it.

At step one you use imagination to create all aspects of your villa. The colour, the location, the people you are living with. You use will power to keep you focused on this dream. No matter what the world outside you says Willpower will keep you focussed. You use perserverance to continue doing your Daily Routine, your B-Routine, your S-Routine and keep your body in shape. Yes you have to balance all 4 areas of your life tos stay creative. You use Faith to jump into this dream from the Cliff of your fears. You open to Intuition. You let these higher faculties guide you each day.
You are commanding Universal Intelligence to let the particles dance. I told you in another article that you are the 99.9999% of everything around you as the workd consists only of 0,0001% of matter. I call them particles.
So organize a Party in Your Head and let the particles dance to whatever music and shape and form you desire. The blue colour is also a frequency of light. So there you have to command the oarticles to choose that frequency.


Now focus. Focus the light of your whole soul on this Villa. See it as the object of your desire. See it as the plant you give water each day. One day in the live of your plant is not enough to give her love. But continue. Turn your back to all other desires, Fear etc and neglect the people who tell you that your dream is impossible. I know everything is possible.

Repeat step 1 and 2 each day. Make it a routine to go 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2
In the beat of the drums. Do you feel the energy rising?

See it in your Mind-Heart-Mind-Heart and then one day you will have it in your hand.

The golden nugget is just in front of you. Just catch it.

Live is blizz. Another day in Paradise.

My time is up. I have to catch my dream boat to Paradise. The boat is leaving every day.
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How to be healthy by building routines? The B-routine

How to be healthy by building routines? The B-routine

Dream team,

The B-Routine

Building routines. Each routine is a program. A program for your mind.
This month is my month of Building Routines.

This is the B-Routine.

Each Wednesday and Friday afternoon I will execute this.
I build routines to build Thought muscle. To maintain focus. My strategy is Laugh, Focus and Scale up.
I help 10.000 people reach their dream lives by building their online businesses that free their time, bring lovely relationships, wealth, a healthy lifestyle and a strong energetic body. I realize this in 5 years. And my sales will grow from 500.000 dollars to $ 50 million dollars.
Laugh, Focus and Scale up.
Your dreambusinesscoach needs to maintain his shape. To reach this goal.
I do my part. I expect you do yours.
Another day in Paradise!
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In that dream boat I will be releasing that audio soon.
So make sure you get on the boat. Fellows there is a routine there explained the W-routine that will help you improve your relationship with your partner,…and then everything is possible.
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My Swimming Routine:my S-Program

My Swimming Routine:my S-Program

Dream team,

Bob Proctor is so great because he has daily routines.
Bob has mind routines

Routines are programming

Mind programming
The more advanced programming you have in your mind

The more wealth, health, greater body and greater love relationships you can create

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. If you are here because you are committed to see results. That’s why I give you more.

See here the current result of my Swimming Routine: the S-Program.

Result of S-Program

I have created many routines this week. By studying other around me that perform at a higher level then me in the 4 areas of their lives. On the Life Dashboards you see the results of their extended routines. Life is a process. You have to let the particles dance to create whatever you want. If you keep still the particles move in the same orbit and you get the same results. If you dance and shake them up with new routines you create anything you want. For your mind to be in shape your body needs to be in shape.

This routine is performed 4 times a week and I’m committed to execute 6 times next week

To Upgrade
It is for the area of Health and Body on my Life Dashboard

Life is Paradise

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