How to hire for your Micro Multinational?

Always hire somebody smarter than you to do the job you cannot do yourself.

The Minds in your business (the 8th building block on your business model canvass – subscribe to to learn more and watch the episode on business models), is the core asset on your balance sheet. You never own this asset. Because it is fluid, flexible and will flow to where the frequency is the highest.
The only thing you can do is be a place of high frequency so the minds will stay with you.
These minds you cannot quantify, you cannot predict. You can only admire.
At night when everybody is at home sleeping, your balance sheets value drop with 1 billion dollars. The next day when people start working again your balance sheet’s value increases again with 1 billion dollars. These are the potential balance sheet’s numbers. It is your job to get out of their way to let them realize this potential. Your youngest app developoer might develop your killer billion dollar app today.
For islands in the Caribbean: your people is your asset. When you start seeing this and not seeing them as a liability you are on your way to become dream wealthy and healthy islands that advance through relationships with other states in the world.