How to create an online course?

People often ask me how to create an online program? In this short post I will give you an overview of the program that I’m currently creating. It is called Outsourcing Made Easy 1.0.

December 2017

In December 2017 I did a Beta Launch of this program. In this Beta Launch I tested the idea for this new program with some subscribers. I created a landing page where I asked people to apply for the program. If they applied they would get the program for free. In return I asked them feedback on the program so I could improve the program.

Creating the presentation for the Beta Launch

I created a presentation consisting of two parts. I wanted to do the Beta program in just one weekend. People who want to outsource do not have a lot of time. They have plenty of tasks on their tasks list, plenty of projects that need to be completed. And no time. They are feeling overwhelmed by all the activities that they need to do.

Why would you even think about delegating your tasks and outsource work?

When you are overloaded with tasks you could do many things. You could work harder, like 10 hours a week. You could work in the weekends. You could neglect your husband or wife and spend all time in your business.

You could do this all. But outsourcing your tasks is one of the things that really can solve your problems. Why? Because you get another mindset. First when you are working alone and doing all the tasks in your business, you are like the fresh intern in your business. You do everything. Your workload will increase instead of decreasing. By deciding to outsource your operational and techy tasks in your business you decide to bring in new skilled people to help you. If you want to go far, go together is a saying. Anyone who has built a business will tell you that at a certain point you need to start delegating. You need to start focussing on what you really are good in. You cannot be doing all the tasks anymore.  By doing that you create systems in your business. You create repeatable processes in your business. You create a business flow that needs to be done every week, every month, every quarter.

What is outsourcing exactly?

It is hiring foreign staff into your business. Nowadays this doesn’t have to be costly. You can hire skilled staff all over the world to work in your business. These are independent skilled contractors that want to work for you. By renting online software programs you can give these staff access to your online software programs and let them do all the techy, operational tasks in your business. Yes. Imagine right now that you have 1, 2 or even more virtual assistants working for you. These are people that work for your business for 20 hours or 40 hours a week. Imagine sitting in your business and getting your tasks and your projects done. Imagine being able to finally grow your business. Because you have automated processes that are taken care of. Because you have people that work in these processes. Imagine that you are not the intern anymore, doing all the tasks yourself. Imagine becoming the owner of your business. The one who assigns projects, assigns processes to others so that the work gets done. Outsourcing your techy and operational tasks to someone else that works in your business is one of the first steps of creating the dream business and dream life that you always wanted.

My story: how I went from an overloaded task list to swimming 4 times a week

I can tell you this from my own experience. Because I was right where you are right now. I was working in my business alone. I had a business since 2006. First freelancing. Then I became a trainer and coach for small businesses and the government. Having a small business I had to do everything. I thought: This is not the reason that I started my business. I started my business to create products and services for my clients. I started my business to do what I do best: coach and train people. Help them get the best out of themselves. Their businesses. Help them grow their businesses. I did not start my business to work the whole day in online software programs. I did not start my business to create images for logos. I did not start my business to set up landing pages and set up webinars. I did not create my business to send emails to my subscribers myself every week. Yes these things need to be done. But do I have to do it myself? I created my business to be able to create free time. To work whenever I wanted. To be able to work on my health. To do sport. Swimming. So I took a decision. Yes it would cost me a monthly fee. But I figured out that my costs and my time were more expensive than if I hired someone from the Philippines. I figured out that there must be high skilled people out there who could download, edit and publish my videos online faster than me. I figured out that there must be people who could work on all my online software programs faster than me. So I hired my first general virtual assistant Rikka and then I hired my first virtual video editor Marc.

My life changed

I started swimming 4 times a week. This is one thing I do where I release my thoughts and enjoy the moment. Swimming for me is extremely healthy. It reduces stress. It activates my body. Being able to swim 4 times a week is priceless. For me it is swimming. For you it could be spending time with your kids, walking in the woods, mountains, cooking, reading a book or playing the piano. What is it that you would love to do and that you are not doing now? Maybe you just want to focus on creating new products and services to help your customers. To grow your business. To scale up your business. Whatever you want to do: You could create your dream business and dream life by design. Yes, imagine starting new habits in just 5 weeks from now. Doing new things in your business and in your life.

I want to teach as many people how to do this

So I learned a lot. I learned how to systemize my business and automate everything that can be automated. I learned how to give assignments. I learned how to communicate with virtual assistants. I learned how to create small projects and delegate them to others. I learned that a small business has the same potential as larger businesses. Once you hire people with skills they add value to your business and your life.

So I decided to share this with as many people as possible

With the feedback from the Beta course Outsourcing Made Easy I went back and redesigned the whole program. I broke the whole process of preparing for a virtual assistant, hiring a virtual assistant, onboarding a virtual assistant in your business and the first and second week when s/he is in your business in easy to follow how-to-do videos. Each video has an assignment. To take action. When you follow the videos and you take action you are able to hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines and make her productive in your business in just 5 weeks. The videos are practical. You are looking over my shoulder how to do it.

So where do the virtual assistants come in?

When you create an online program like this with videos, a landing page, a webinar to show potential customers what you have to offer you use the skills of your virtual assistants.

Create videos

First I created an outline of the whole process and I put this into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet includes all the videos to be shot by me and uploaded. For my virtual video editor this is an outline of what to expect. Each day I take 3-4 videos and upload them. The job of my virtual video editor is to add music, add a front cover containing the title of the video and upload them to youtube. And pass these videos to my general virtual assistant.

Landing page and membership site

My general virtual assistant creates a membership site where the videos are hosted. Clients can log in in this membership site and watch the videos. The virtual assistant uses the links of the virtual video editor and pastes these links in the membership site.

She also creates a sales page describing the program. I have created a document with all the copy of the sales page, the flow, the Frequently Asked Questions. My virtual assistant has used this document to identify what images we need to use on the sales page. Next she will copy the copy from the document and put it on the sales page.

Of course when people buy this program they have to automatically get information to log in the membership site and log in the closed community of facebook. This communication with the new customers is automated in my email marketing software. When you buy this program you will end up on a list. And as soon as you are on this list you will receive a sequence of emails with all the information to log in the membership site etc. I have outlined this process together with my virtual assistant and she can automate this process by using our online software program for email marketing.

Create a webinar

We will have a webinar where we invite people that have a huge task list and want to decrease this task list and get more free time to focus either on strategic tasks in their businesses or enjoy their freedom or work on their health. In this workshop I will give them a sample of what the program is about. The set up of this webinar will also be done by my general virtual assistant.
All by all

All by all the process to launch a new program has been easier than doing it alone. Imagine if I had to edit all those videos. Imagine if I had to create the sales page myself. Imagine if I had to create the webinar myself. Imagine if I had to create all those images myself.

By working with virtual assistants I have reduced the creation of an online program from maybe 6 months of work into a project of 2 months of work. And in this project I concentrate on what I do best. Training and coaching and adding value. I focus on the general process and project instead of focussing on all the techy and operational details and on how to do everything.

This has been amazing.

If you want to learn more about outsourcing get my book about the 6 things you need to know before you outsource. By clicking on the link below and entering your name and email you will be able to download this guide instantly. And you can also tell me what is the most important thing right now you are struggling with.

As soon as the program is ready and I open the program to let more people in to learn this and be more successful I will let you know. Go grab that book right now. It is free.

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