There I was. In this car. Cabrio. At night. Driving on a full moon’s night. A mustang. Laguna Beach…USA.

Next to me was Alexander. A Brazilian 52 year’s old man I just met. He lives partly in the USA and partly in Brazil. A business man.

I was in Alexander’s dream. Yeah. Some way or another, Alexander managed to ride this car on the highways of Laguna Beach. We were there because we were both following a life training on online marketing for coaches and trainers.

Are you forgetting the most important person in your life every day? Are you living your dream day and dream life?

I was in Alexander’s dream. Because Alexander had thought about this day upfront. He had thought about having this wonderful experience. He had probably driven in this car a hundred times before in his MIND. And experienced what it felt UPFRONT. And then he was able to do it.

So I’m here talking to you, reading this email. Are you forgetting the most important person in your life every day? Let’s play a game of life shall we?

Imagine if I have this magic wand as a magician. That everything you wish is true. That you can wish these 3 wishes. One for the morning, one for the afternoon and one for the night. Everything you wish is true. Now imagine you wake up in the morning. Wish one. Where will you wake up? What are you doing in this dream morning day? Who is lying next to you? What are you hearing and what are you doing this morning? Walk with me in this place you are. And keep the pictures you see in your mind.

Now wish number #2. It is afternoon. You are in your dream afternoon. You are doing the work that you love. Your passion. Everything is possible. What are you doing? Who are you doing it with? And who are you doing it for? Where are you doing this great dream work of yours? Walk with me in this place called your dream afternoon. And there is more to come.

Your last wish # 3. It is evening. The moon is in the sky. You are with your loved ones. This is a special night. Who is there with you? Where are you? What are you doing this dream night? Before you go to sleep and meet your dreams?

You got the picture. This has been a dream day. One of your dream days. This is called version one. You have been in this place called your dream day. This place is not a fantasy. It is not in the future nor in the past. It is in the now. Cause the now is the only place that exists. That has ever existed and will ever exist. I will tell you more about that another time. Living in the now. Why I live in the now.

Before I go, I have one last thing. Visit this place called your dream day more often. Wake up in the morning, walk in the afternoon and enjoy the night. And watch your feelings. What are you feeling during this dream day? The more you visit it, the more real it will become. And one day, you will open your eyes in the morning and you will step into this dream day. You won’t notice the difference between what is called reality and your dream day. Cause then your dream will have become a reality.

That is what happened to Alexander. He woke up in his dream…

PS: if you want to share your dream with me, that would be awesome. I know it is a private dream. I won’t share it with anybody else. Hit reply and share your dream with me. The morning, the afternoon and the evening. I’m collecting dreams. Catching them through the internet. My passion is making dreams come true. It will inspire me to soon launch my Dream Plan, a plan for you to make your dream come true. Dream Plan is going to be awesome. I will show you everything I know on how to realize your dreams. And I will bring in my magic wand again.