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corporate philosophy
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our slogan: innovative kitchen electric innovation life

we are dedicated to the pursuit of product quality, because we are longing for the paradise! we only hope that your kitchen no longer the world of dust, we only hope that you can get a pleasant kitchen life.


innovation kitchen electric, just want to dig out your initial desire for the kitchen, so that your kitchen is no longer just living the body, but the warmth of the soul of the home show.

mission statement

we are in a high standard of the principle, emphasizing the real, caring, personal, clean, beautiful, comfortable service, we will continue to provide consumers beyond expectations, never forget the experience, customers have problems, each employees will go quickly and correctly. 
our relationship with the dealer is tied to each other's confidence and collaboration.
we will pick the employees who share the same values as ours and strive to meet their needs because our success is based on their commitment to satisfaction and commitment to the company. our leaders will continue to support and encourage all employees to continue to improve their productivity and meet their customers. through training, education, empowerment, participation, affirmation, reward and promotion opportunities, we want to create a real environment of concern, trust, respect, fairness and collaboration.

our values

(a) customer-oriented:
we have to form a partnership with customers and distributors, which is very important to each other's success.
we are committed to: listen to the views of customers, communicate each other's ideas and expectations, the development of innovative and competitive advantages of products and services, so that the outside world easier to cooperate with our dealers and customers to serve customers
(b) result-oriented:
we value the results.
we are committed to: the development of challenging goals, the implementation of zero defects, focus on the results, face the problem, timely solution, remove the worries
(c) discipline:
we need a high degree of self-discipline and cooperation to face the complex work and difficult business environment.
we are committed to:
correctly plan the hands of the project, and give funding and human support, attention to detail, clearly communicate with each other's ideas and expectations, make commitments and put into practice, with uncompromising integrity and professional attitude to do business
(d) a good place to work:
a high productivity and challenging working environment is the key to our success.
we are committed to:
mutual respect and trust, open and direct way of communication, collaboration, to maintain a safe working environment, sure and reward everyone's achievements
(v) quality:
our business needs to be constantly refined to meet our mission and values.
we are committed to: set the challenge and competitiveness of the goal, to do things right, continue to learn, develop and improve to work proud of
(6) brave adventure:
we must maintain an innovative environment in pursuit of success.
we are committed to: be happy to accept change, to pursue your goals, to listen to ideas and opinions, to encourage and reward the adventures that have been told, to learn from our successes and failures

our target

first of all, we will work harder than others at the same price, so that the quality of products far leap enhance the ability to serve customers, so that customers everywhere understand the needs of customers, exceed customer requirements, so that the needs of customers get the best meet
wherever and wherever we are, any corner of the world has our dealers, where we live in our souls