Are you a leader?

Leadership is inspiration. This means if you inspire you are a leader.

The mother who inspires her son to continue reading that book – so in 40 years he can write you this post, is a leader.

Leadership is seeing a picture of a new reality on top of the current reality. The mother who tells his son: ‘You ain’t poor. We ain’t poor. You have all it takes to become whoever you want to be. In 40 years you are going to sit there in your villa. I see the colour blue. Can’t you see it? Look again.’

Leadership is not a position, nor a job. You don’t need to be in a political party to be a leader. It is situational. When the situation presents itself and you take the right action you become a leader.

So I tell you from this beautiful place in the Caribbean to focus your mind on what inspires you today. And not what puts you down.

I invite you to see through the current reality of your life and your island and see the layer that we call your dreams. Your dream island and your dream life. And your dream relationship. See only that layer. It is blue. Do you see it?

You are not poor. We are not poor. We are not in trouble. You are not in trouble. Everything is gonna be just fine. Why? Because of you!

Because in the fertile land of your mind and your sacred garden, I have now planted a seed of success. Out of it will grow whatever you want. If you keep focusing on it and nurture it.

Leadership is not to create followers but leaders. Spread this vision of what a leader is with another leader. And by doing this you become a leader. See you in 40 years.

This is what my online business allows me to do…

Swimming. Four times a week, I can get into my car and drive 12.5 minutes where my coach Mr. Djaoen is waiting for me. This man is an experienced trainer and coach and tells me every time I do a great jump: “You are just lucky. Do it again!”

As a business coach and trainer for online coaches, trainers and writers, I enjoy this because he challenges me. First, he trained me to swim like Ian Thorpe and now he coaches me to get to the next level.

Like I told you yesterday: I could not have done this – take 4 times a week to do my swimming routine, if I did not have a business system that works for me. If I did not have my business model running. A system is a way to do things. To automate things.

Before this, I was mostly working on fixed time projects and having one on one sessions.

Let me ask you this: Why do you have a business? If you are a coach, trainer, writer – helping people offline or online, why do you have a business? What does the business have to do for you?

By organizing my business to work for me the way I do it now, I was able to create this swimming routine. It is a mental process that I have put into my weekly planning. It is something that I prioritized in my life. I can show you in the future how I was able to create this routine. And what other routines I am creating next. The main benefits of this weekly swimming routine are:

– My health has increased considerably
– My motivation to outsource more tasks in my business has increased (what can I do with more time? Learn to play the piano? Read more books?)
– I have more time to relax during the week (swimming is like meditation)
– I created more freedom. My business works for me instead of me working only for my business.

But there were some challenges. My main challenge was that I had to systemize my business to thrive. I had to look at my business differently. At the way I’m launching my new courses to coaches, trainers and writers. I had to decide to use online systems and put them together to work. After I systemized my business everything changed.

I have put these thoughts into an online course I’m about to launch. We have been working on this now for some time. It is about the easy steps I took to systemize my business so I could thrive online. It is about realizing your dream coaching and training business online. This course will be awesome!!

But it is not about me. About my challenges. It is about people like you. And I want to get your input before I launch my course.

Here is the main question I have for you so I can finish fine tuning this course: What is your most important challenge right now in your business? What is holding you back to get more sales, more freedom and do the things in your life that are important for you?

Because I really really am interested in this and learn how I can help you from where you are now, the things you are struggling with, I have put a quick online survey together for you. It will not take you more than 5 minutes to answer. I would be soo happy if you could answer these few questions for me so that I can help you more to get to more sales, more freedom, a healthier life. Please help me here, so I can help you.

Click on this link and fill it in. Everything you say there will be treated confidentially.

I will use this survey to really focus on the things you struggle with in my next course I’m currently building. This course will be launched and open for new students in a few months.

Click now and tell me what your number one struggle is.


I promised you to tell you what you need… to break the struggle! here it is..

So this is when I decided that things needed to be different.
I was stuck in this process. Find a new future client. Have a meeting with this client. Create a proposal. Send the proposal. Wait for the proposal. Wait more for the proposal. Call or email the client. Hear that the client was not interested any more. Start all over again.

Does this sound familiar? Does this sound frustrating? All those hours spent. For nothing? No hours to bill?

Yesterday I told you about more of these frustrations. And I told you I would tell you more about the solution. Maybe this solution is for you if you have one or more of these characteristics. You sell yourself. You sell your knowledge. You sell your passion. You are a coach, trainer, writer. You consult with people. You sell a service. Something that can be packaged differently then, only by hour.

You see, the main problem lies in your business model. Your business model is how you run your business. How you have set up your business. As somebody who is self-employed, you can set up and structure your business differently. I have created a whole episode on business model in the past and I want to share it with you. If you are subscribed to this newsletter you can see this episode.

I realized that I have to set up my business differently. I had to set up my business in such a way that it could work independently of me. Mostly independently. I had to change my business so that I was not getting only money for each hour I spent with my clients. Not only for the hours I worked in a fixed time project. I had to send less offers out and meet LESS people personally so that I could work ON my business model.

The next thing I had to do is I had to look at my business as business processes. A business process are the steps to complete a thing in your business. Like what are the steps to set up a webinar and deliver it to your future clients? All the steps together are a business process called: Deliver a webinar.

Another thing I had to do to reduce the struggle and hustle is hire someone. Yes. You are probably working alone if you are a trainer, coach or writer. You are working from home probably. Alone. Well, I was working like you and doing all the stuff in my business. But then I realized that I had to hire another person to do some of the jobs I was doing. Yes. I hear you saying, but that will cost me too much money, I do not have. I had the same ideas. But then I realized that it is not only the costs that matter but also the benefits, the free time and the time to focus on other things.

I will tell you what I was able to do because I hired someone to do some of the jobs for me. And it ain’t things about my business. I was able to do things in my LIFE. Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you enjoying your life as a coach, trainer or writer? Next time I will tell you more and show you more how I was able to create an awesome routine in my life. Just a tip: it has to do with my health. And your health.

Next, this is what really changed everything. I got systems. Online systems. I got systems that I could access from all over the world. Systems that work together. And I did not have to create them myself. I did not have to hire people to program these systems for me. These systems work in my business model together. To make it very concrete: one of these systems send you this email. I can schedule this email for over two days and then GO TO THE BEACH. The system will send it out for me. These systems are like extra man- or woman power working for me. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And all these systems are improving all the time. So my business is improving all the time.

Finally, I had to have a plan. A strategy. A way to focus. First I focused on many things. I focused on the little things. But with a plan I had the numbers I wanted to hit. I had the actions to take. Yes, you might say: I do not want to look at the numbers. I leave that to my financial adviser. Well, you are responsible for the numbers. If you do not want to look at your numbers it is like a hobby you are doing. You have to look at the numbers in your business model. And some numbers matter and others do not matter. The most important numbers are about your Sales, your Leads (those are potential clients), your customers and your costs. Stick with me and I will teach you more about these numbers. I have made it so simple that now I look at my dashboard to see where I am at.

So there you have it. These are some key points how I was able to move from being like a freelance consultant working for hours and fixed priced projects to a guy that lives in the Caribbean and helps clients reach their dream life and build up their dream online businesses and share their passions with the world.

I learned that I had to create a new business model, focus on my processes and hire someone. I had to get the right systems and follow a definite plan. That way I could transform my business from going from project to project, from meeting to meeting, to a more stable life style.

I will tell you how this has benefited my life…. just open the next email I send to you to hear more about this. I’m sure it can help you too.

So tell me, do you have a business model that works for you? Do you have any questions regarding this email I sent to you? If you have any questions, just hit reply and tell me what you think.


Sorry this is the reason why you did not hear from me for a while….

Hey, sorry you did not hear from me for a while. January started with my planning for 2017 and I was so active on my Facebook team Dream Team and posting on a daily basis and suddenly you did not hear from me on a weekly basis.

But there is a story behind it.

Imagine you are working on a fixed time project where you sell your time for money. Fixed price means you sold your services for a fixed amount of dollars and you have to get the job done. If you work more or less, you get the same amount of money. Imagine at the same time your next project is a project where you run your business completely from your home, launching a new digital product every two months. No fixed price.

That is what has been happening to me. I’m finishing a huge fixed price project that has been taking over a year now to complete. The reason: you have to meet with people, you have to wait, you have to fix issues. These kind of projects are great but they take a lot of your time. You sell your time for money. Does this sound like you? Are you selling your hours for money now?

Most people do fixed price projects first.
Maybe you are a consultant, a coach a trainer or an employee. And you might have a great job, but you are still selling your hours for money. Every time a project finishes you have to start all over again? Maybe you have to schedule meetings with your clients. Maybe you get paid for every hour you work. For every time you spend with your clients?

Well, this might be great, but often it is a lot of struggle. You see: only when you work you make money. Only after you spend some time with your clients you earn money. And when you go on holidays there are no invoices to send out. Another struggle is the struggle to get such fixed priced projects. You mostly have one client at a time. You have to write a proposal, send it out, wait a long time and then you get the project.

I used to struggle a lot within this business model. Most people that sell information struggle with this business model. The reason this business model is often causing a lot of stress, anxiety is, that you get what you put in. You only get something out when you put time in. If you do not show up at your desk there is no paycheck.

Another reason for the struggle is that you have less free time. Your days are either scheduled through meetings, or coaching calls. You cannot take out that free day to do whatever you want. If you are a business owner like me, you want to take out that free day. That is the main reason why you started your business.

Another reason is that fixed priced projects can suddenly consume all your time. Suddenly this client comes to you and wants your attention. You have to deliver now. Two or more meetings do not count. And there you go. You jump in.

So these two past months remembered me again why I started my business….. I’m sorry you did not hear from me. But from now on you will hear from me more often. About how to build your online business model.

But there is a way to get out of this business model. To gradually get out. So that you do not have to sell your time for your money. Especially if your work is about providing information. This works like magic. And I will be telling you more about this other side of doing business…..

If you have any questions right now about this that pops in your mind and you can’t wait to know how to get out of this business model of time for money, just hit reply and let me know your question.

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