The end of political parties on Small island economies in the Caribbean; episode 1 who has got the power?

The end of political parties
How would it be to have an Airbnb app for the political domain? How would it be if everyone was his own political party? If politics were really democratized. If power was completely democratized? Like what is happening in the tourism business where a company with no rooms has the highest room capacity in the world? Airbnb is the largest hotel in the world. And yet they have no single room of their own, except the rooms of their headquarters.

Now take power. Power is now excersised by us through institutions; a Parliament, a Prime Minister and Ministers. In the modern world of the Creative Experience Economy raw materials are being transformed into goods and commodities. Commodities are further combined with services and used as props to play. Work and business have become experiences.

Now here is the thing: in the creative experience economy the power goes to the people. The virtual machines take over the dirty jobs. In the case of Airbnb the power goes directly to the people. Before we had hotels, ticket and touroperators etc. as institutions between the buyer and the seller. With Airbnb all these institutions get out of your way. You, the guest, have full power to choose how and where to create your holiday experience.You have the power. The power is yours.

The owner of a home, appartment in the village of Kura Piedra on Curacao, can rent two rooms in her house. Yes, you sitting there Mom you can do it. People want to stay at your house and eat your food. They would pay you 300 dollars to learn to cook the stoba I like so much. Are you following me Mom? This episode is for you.

You need a mobile phone, you need internet and you need a copywriter. I can talk with my friends at that Caribbean telecom company Mim to give you a great offer.
You have the power Mom. The power is yours. Dad are you listening too?

Now take politics. The domain of power. You gave your power away to a political party. To represent you. To create your dream island. The island you want to raise your kids in. Your grandsons and daughters. You outsourced your power and gave YOUR power to these companies we call political parties to represent you.
 The contract goes for 4 years. That is a freaking long contract for such an important aspect of your life. Outsourcing MY power? Are you kidding me Runy? Is it my power? Do I have to make these decisions for my happiness, myself? Happines in my life? Am I responsible for my life? For the happiness in my life? I thought the politicians were? Are you kidding me again Runy?

I am not kidding you. On you see me laughing. Because there I teach people like you my secret proven SFS formula, the Smile, Focus and Scale Up formula to launch your home based business online and step in your dream life.The formula that beamed me up from that little house in Kura Piedra to the place I am now. I have been working 40 years in this formula. But that is another story.

In this episode I’m not laughing. Here I’m serious. Because it is about sacred business. It is about your power. You have given and outsourced your power to specialized corporations called political parties who represent you in Parliaments and Senates. Who represent you and excecute your sacred power in Offices of Ministers with Ministers you do not know.

 You have outsourced your sacred power to determine your life to people who hire other people who you do not know to do your most important task; excersise your sacred power that determines your life.
Are you freaking crazy Mom? You cannot outsource taking decisions to advance your life to other people. You cannot outsource the 5% of the key tasks in your life to other people. You are the one responsible for the bread and butter on the table (aka economics) . You are responsible for education of your kids. Yeah you too Dad. You are responsible for your health and what your kids eat. You are responsible for social affairs in your life. You are responsible for how you judge and ‘rules of order’ in your home. You are responsible for the ones servicing your guests (aka the ones we call public servants). You see where I’m going Mom? The 9 ministries are YOUR responsability. Checking if these people are doing the job is your responsability. You own this place Mom. You own Curacao. You own the Caribbean. It is your island, you cannot give it to institutions and sleep thight at night. Don’t worry I will give you more of thes Bedtime stories in the future.

So what are my options now, I hear you say? Exactly. What are your options?

Remember Airbnb?
How did they build their platform?

Now you do not have to do it all alone Curacao. Here on the twin state Caribbean island #KuraandAsao we are thinking hard how technology can disrupt politics. Can bring the power back to the people. In a friendly way. Quitly. You won’t see that twin state island on the map yet. We are, below the water, ; o )

I’m telling you to think. And comment below. If you got a mobile phone  and internet and you want to exercise your power, change politics and take the power back for ever; how would you do that?

See you in the next episode.
PS: we are doon bringing these episodes online in a nice place. Mom you will have to invest the price of  a Macdonald meal to get these insights each month. From a huge international institution to a small micro multinational so to speak. You can give us the power to serve you. Let me know below with a Yes Runy, #givemoreepisodestome and I’m ok, ok?

Caribbean banks better start smelling the coffe: how the disruption of the Caribbean banking business model started when nobody saw it comming

Hahaha friends what did i tell you: banks are going bye, bye. This message is especially for the people interested in what is happening at the national level.The development of the whole island.
Internet technology is going to disrupt banks. Do not wake up. Do not provide us with cheap payment gateways so we can export. Keep dreaming and do not smell the coffee. I’m not against banks. I’m pro exporting businesses. 
If you give us value so we can thrive in global markets, you remain our friends, banks. Yes you are my friend bank. I really want to help you, as a friend. You have been my frien for almost 100 years!!!
That’s why I told you: let me help you improve your business processes: automated. Let me help you process the set up of new startups, automated. Let me help you lower your costs and free up your bright people so they can help us small micro multinationals export our services and step into our dream lives.
But you would not listen. You hug the Hotel Associations in the Caribbean in your most expensive tuxidos on your parties. And when they tell you business is going bad in the Caribbean because newcommers like Airbnb who do not work like traditional companies because they democratize the business model you go like: hmmmm interesting. Don’t worry I have a loan for you: checking or savings?
Now listen to me for the last time my friend: we see patterns. We link things. We know how to set up systems. Listen to us or smell the coffee. Do not tell me later we did not tell you.
Checking or savings? Credit card or a mortgage? Those are the only words in your vocabulary we keep hearing when we present our business models to you. Some keep showing you business plans. That’s because the do not come to my website and subscribe to learn the delicate difference. But that’s another story.
I want to talk to you about why you should smell the coffee. Smell it first before it comes. Before your bright people see the coffee. While everybody in your buildings is looking for the coffee, you as an inspired leader of a Caribbean bank should be “smelling” the coffea. Like a good Cuban coffee smells before it is created. You smell the coffea whean it is a bean. Hmmm this smells like great coffee. Before you see it you see it with your nose. You have a nose for good business (that would a Dutchman in Uk for the first time say during his presentation about the disruptive power of the internet). Everyone and you would laugh. What a joke. A nose for business.
The joke might be on your side. In your corner.
You see, here’s the thing: people are selling equity through democratic systems online. Others like me are buying equity on those platforms.
This is just an example. I hear you laugh: Runy that won’t go that far in our business. We have an asset base 5 or 10 more that the whole income of this island. We have the Central Banks at our side, we, we let me look: we OWN this place called the Caribbean. We do not have to listen to your crappy assumptions. Runy have you worked for a bank?
Yes! Two of the largest in the Netherlands.
These are all thoughts that were said by the hotel sector: This Airbnb guy is doing some cute things. Let’s not fund him.
Years later Airbnb is worth what USD 30 billion dollars. Or did they just RAISED USD 30 billion. Cute guy. Very popular with the girls nowadays. Even guys like me love this guy. We love it so much that we now look first at the gigantic room capacity Airbnb wants offers. We love him so much we are considering calculating an Airbnb occupancy rate. Instead of the Hotel Occupancy rate. Airbnb if you are seeing this post call me. I invited this #airbnboccupancyrate and #airbndailyaveragerate and #airbnbrevpar. We are creating this because the business model has shifted.
How does the coffe smell for you my friend, bank? Bank, my friend are you still thinking about staying in your comfort zone, or are you going to take action and ask for help?
If you are considering that act fast. Cause in 2017 there are only 7 spots available. Give me an email, tell me who you are and that you are really listening. Don’t tell me to create an offer. This is a new game, remember. We got 7 spots. For 7 Caribbean banks that want to survive in the next 5 years. Who have an open mind. Who execute what we say. Who would listen to a guy in beach tenu and not a tuxido. Hey, we create and run our businesses from the beach remember? 

Each spot goes for $ 100.000 .
You are a bank. You still have the money. Come on, do not tell me that joke again. The prices are going up.
See you at Starbucks.
PS: when you suddenly see a check of $100.000 paid to one of my businesses please do not block my account. It just means there are 6 spots left.
PS: remember I am you friend. I could have gone and done something else with this insight. But because you are my friend I deliberately chose to tell you.
Have faith. I’m going the drink my coffee now. I smell it is ready to go. Are you?







Here is the deal how to be successful in 2017: take action NOW!!!

Because the only way to be successful is you take action and move forward step by step until you STEP into your dream life!!
There you have it!

That is my take away and punchline and I give it to you right away this time. 
You see: it goes like this. This year I have created a dream team. 

A place on Facebook that is like a place where friends hang around together. A place like my villa in the Caribbean close to the beach, where everybody with a positive vibe, attitude AND a dream can be invited to party. And let me tell you: we really know how to party in the Caribbean. Do I hear you clap your hands, on the dance floor?
You are probably part of this Dream team because you are reading this. Yeah YOU there, you reading this now.
 Now, have you wondered why I do this? Why I wake up every day, night and day like now in the middle of the night, to talk to you? To give you my ideas on how you have to smile more while you are working on your business. To ficus on the 5% of key actions in your business, so you can scale uo your game? Have you wondered why I show up every single day?
Because it gives you money! I hear you say. Because you want to get my money. Because you want to be popular on Here on Linkedin, in the Facebook group, on this Facebook page, on Twitter here, on this wall of my friend. You just want to be popular.!!!

Here are some other things I hear you say right now in your mind: because, because you are a sales man. Because you love to share. Because, you want to show of, because, you want to get my email. Runy I do not know you so this is the first time I see this post so me I do not have any opinion on you, yet. Because Runy, I know you longer and you always want to write stories. Runy, I think you must be crazy to wake up in the middle of the night. Runy I think you are fun, you love to do this that’s why you do it.

Well, me I do not know why you do it Runy. I think I honestly do not know why you wake up in the middle of the night to write this to me. Tell me.
Because My dream is that you step into your dream life! That you LITERALY step into your dream life. That you step outside your comfort zone and you step into your dream life. Your ZONE.

Because I am in my ZONE. I wake up in my Zone most of the time. Right now I AM in my ZONE. The place I love to be. The place where you give your best. The place where you create awesome things. Memorable experiences for your people. For your members, subscribers, guests, SFS owners… more on that at the end of this call.
This is my last call to action for you: take action now! If you want to step into your Dream, take action. Think and take action. Think differently and take action. Take a tiny step of action. The least effort I’m asking you who are reading this. Not big steps: small steps. You can take a small step, the smallest that is going to be the largest step you ever took and you could land into your dream life before you know it.
What action are you talking about that takes me to this place called my dream life,Runy. Give me an example.
Albert Einstein took one small action that brought him and us all in this universe huge steps into a place he never knew before. He woke up one day: took the action to go to work and study this Universe and discovered Quantum Mechanics. Now the world has changed completely, BECAUSE he took that tiny step to just show up afain and do what he loves. Every breakthrough around you happened this way. Someone like you, woke up, listened to a voice like me abd took that baby step and BIDIEM…. they changed the world. Something small like a tiny easy simple step turned into a great thing. And the landed in their Dream Life.
This is my last call like this: take action.

What action?

Click on this link and picture that takes you to a place where you see a smiling guy, on a beach, below a sun. When you see those signs you are closer to the Jackpot of your Dream Life. Keep taking action. Keep stepping forward. Look for the sign up signs. Where it says Name and Email and Sign me up/Get in.
Then sign up. You go through a door. You see a thank you sign. You did it!!!! 

You took action. You sill hear my voice saying thank you. You won’t yet hear the applause. Next time you will see and gear the applause! Cause my crowd is cheering for YOU. That you took a tiny action for yourself. Not for me. A tiny action step to land in your dream.

Yeah inside there is a different place that outside here. Inside there I got my team working day and night to create memorable experiences for you. To build your online business. Another tool to your successful dream life.
I must go now.

You could stay here and like this call to action. You could comment below that you found it valuable. You could even forward this call to action to your friends. Look at this: read this. Many many thanks to multiply this sign for me! But that is not what the call says. The call says step forward in one direction I pointed click that link… do this for yourself.
I’m done. I have to go back inside there.
Good luck… see you around…
PS:SFS owners stands for Smile Focus and Scale up owners. These are business owners around the world who own the formula and use it in their lives and businesses, they own it so they can live dream lives.

How to get all info on running your business and stepping into your dream life?

Dream team,

Look at all the green in the Caribbean. Awesome isn’t it? This season of the year it rains. Here is a quick note:

Next year I will be posting all my content on my website 

This year was for lauging, smiling. Next year is for Focus. So here is the thing: if you want to receive all my updates on events, shows, new online experiences I ask you to click that link and subscribe. Share this with your friends that want to create an online business that works on autopilot for them. Cause I will be sharing all the fundamentals and all that you need to know to create, run and scale up your online business. If you are planning starting, upgrading the thing we call a business, so you can step outside your business and get inside your dream life, there is one thing you want to know before this story ends. Click on that picture and link……i’m waiting…..are you still here…. End story

How to get money easily from all over the world…

Good morning Curacao

Good morning Caribbean

Good morning the world
I got a quick question that you might help with:
If Airbnb went into banking…what would their business model be?
Don’t only like, don’t only share but I want your 2 cents of thought below in the comments, pleasssssse
: o )
Another day in Paradise