Who is responsible for this?

What if a customer tells me how rubbish my website is? Do I fire the CEO and owner (by the way that is me). Do I fire the virtual assistant? Or Do I fire the customer?

Let me know your thoughts below and I will tell you what I think in a couple of episodes.

How to create raving fans in 11 easy steps

Dream team,
You need raving fans in your business, right?

I’m going to teach you how to get raving fans in 11 easy steps. I’m goin to show you exactly how I do it and for you it will be as easy as copy paste. Do you want to learn how?

But can you first do me a favour?  You have to follow my instructions in this short  message exactly for it to work. By clicking 11 clicks you will learn how. You will get a ton of free information that will help you realize your dreams and dream business . And you help me by becomming a fan. How about that? Deal? Let’s do it.

Click a link and when done come back and click another link. See you below.

1. Go to http://mini-course-cc.mydreambusinesscoach.com fill name and email and click that button to sign up.

2. Go to http://sign-up.mydreambusinesscoach.com fill in name and email and y click that button to sign up.

3. Go to  http://facebook.com/mydreambusinesscoach and click the button to the left to like the page.y like. Extra Click that share button to share my page and say Yes, Runy, is mydreambusinesscoach.com #creationcircle #dreambusinesscoachfan.

4. Go to http://ow.ly/BaSj306xKmg and click subscribe button to get all my episodes via Youtube.

You made it : you are a raving fan.For the fans who do this I will draw a montly price and share my knowledge for free with you. If you want your friends that have a business to join the raffle, send this to them.

How to educate your son and daughter so the use all their talents, skills and are engaged: Interview Mrs. Njeri Richardson – Carty

Dream team,

Branches of Learning (branchesoflearning.org) was in Mydreambusinesscoach.com Show last Wednesday. If you are an educator, a father, a mother, and you struggle and care about the future of your son or daughter you must click and put in your name and email for this episode about New Education. Because we discuss how to engage your children, let them show their passions and activate them with a new and innovative mindset in education.

Click the link and get in the webinar, during the weekend before it gone. On Monday, we take it down offline.


— with Njeri Carty.

How to start your day to be successfull?

Dream team,
Good morning!!

Another day in paradise!!!

What shall we create today? Let me know below what you are working on.
And do you remember this one?

Please go to my Youtube channel and subscribe and help me dream more people with these routines. You won’t want to miss the Sleeping Routine. It is a routine that converts your bed into a time machine that travels right to your dream life from where you are now. So if you want to catch it as soon as it is live online on youtube click the link, subscribe and share if with your friends when you are on youtube.

Sharing =multiplying

Multiplying = Andvancing the world

Advancing the world is = Expanding yourself

Sharing = Expanding yourself

Make Sure Your Profile on Linked in has Images

So you cater to visitors that are visual.


Today I updated my profile on Linked in. The Experience section is the part that  was updated. In the screenshots below you see what the result is.

This is an experiment. I want to see how people react when they see images. When they click on the images the images will open. Then they will see the link and instruction to go to the website.

I promote my facebook pages www.facebook.com/mydreambusinesscoach (so they will like it). I promote my youtube channel mydreambusinesscoach so they subscribe and I promote the Awesome Dream Team group on facebook. The intention of these images (I call them Digital Assets) is to get a like, a subscribe or a request to join a team.


There are many people looking at my profile every day. So the overall objective is to convert these visitors into people that listen and communicate with my brand.


So what are you doing? Are you using this technique? Do you know how to change your Linkedin profile?


Let me know.