Hey, sorry you did not hear from me for a while. January started with my planning for 2017 and I was so active on my Facebook team Dream Team and posting on a daily basis and suddenly you did not hear from me on a weekly basis.

But there is a story behind it.

Imagine you are working on a fixed time project where you sell your time for money. Fixed price means you sold your services for a fixed amount of dollars and you have to get the job done. If you work more or less, you get the same amount of money. Imagine at the same time your next project is a project where you run your business completely from your home, launching a new digital product every two months. No fixed price.

That is what has been happening to me. I’m finishing a huge fixed price project that has been taking over a year now to complete. The reason: you have to meet with people, you have to wait, you have to fix issues. These kind of projects are great but they take a lot of your time. You sell your time for money. Does this sound like you? Are you selling your hours for money now?

Most people do fixed price projects first.
Maybe you are a consultant, a coach a trainer or an employee. And you might have a great job, but you are still selling your hours for money. Every time a project finishes you have to start all over again? Maybe you have to schedule meetings with your clients. Maybe you get paid for every hour you work. For every time you spend with your clients?

Well, this might be great, but often it is a lot of struggle. You see: only when you work you make money. Only after you spend some time with your clients you earn money. And when you go on holidays there are no invoices to send out. Another struggle is the struggle to get such fixed priced projects. You mostly have one client at a time. You have to write a proposal, send it out, wait a long time and then you get the project.

I used to struggle a lot within this business model. Most people that sell information struggle with this business model. The reason this business model is often causing a lot of stress, anxiety is, that you get what you put in. You only get something out when you put time in. If you do not show up at your desk there is no paycheck.

Another reason for the struggle is that you have less free time. Your days are either scheduled through meetings, or coaching calls. You cannot take out that free day to do whatever you want. If you are a business owner like me, you want to take out that free day. That is the main reason why you started your business.

Another reason is that fixed priced projects can suddenly consume all your time. Suddenly this client comes to you and wants your attention. You have to deliver now. Two or more meetings do not count. And there you go. You jump in.

So these two past months remembered me again why I started my business….. I’m sorry you did not hear from me. But from now on you will hear from me more often. About how to build your online business model.

But there is a way to get out of this business model. To gradually get out. So that you do not have to sell your time for your money. Especially if your work is about providing information. This works like magic. And I will be telling you more about this other side of doing business…..

If you have any questions right now about this that pops in your mind and you can’t wait to know how to get out of this business model of time for money, just hit reply and let me know your question.

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