Dream team,

The B-Routine

Building routines. Each routine is a program. A program for your mind.
This month is my month of Building Routines.

This is the B-Routine.

Each Wednesday and Friday afternoon I will execute this.
I build routines to build Thought muscle. To maintain focus. My strategy is Laugh, Focus and Scale up.
I help 10.000 people reach their dream lives by building their online businesses that free their time, bring lovely relationships, wealth, a healthy lifestyle and a strong energetic body. I realize this in 5 years. And my sales will grow from 500.000 dollars to $ 50 million dollars.
Laugh, Focus and Scale up.
Your dreambusinesscoach needs to maintain his shape. To reach this goal.
I do my part. I expect you do yours.
Another day in Paradise!
If you want to know more about the 30 minutes audio I taped about building routines get on the boat trip to paradise Island by going to mydreambusinesscoach.com.
In that dream boat I will be releasing that audio soon.
So make sure you get on the boat. Fellows there is a routine there explained the W-routine that will help you improve your relationship with your partner,…and then everything is possible.
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