Leadership is inspiration. This means if you inspire you are a leader.

The mother who inspires her son to continue reading that book – so in 40 years he can write you this post, is a leader.

Leadership is seeing a picture of a new reality on top of the current reality. The mother who tells his son: ‘You ain’t poor. We ain’t poor. You have all it takes to become whoever you want to be. In 40 years you are going to sit there in your villa. I see the colour blue. Can’t you see it? Look again.’

Leadership is not a position, nor a job. You don’t need to be in a political party to be a leader. It is situational. When the situation presents itself and you take the right action you become a leader.

So I tell you from this beautiful place in the Caribbean to focus your mind on what inspires you today. And not what puts you down.

I invite you to see through the current reality of your life and your island and see the layer that we call your dreams. Your dream island and your dream life. And your dream relationship. See only that layer. It is blue. Do you see it?

You are not poor. We are not poor. We are not in trouble. You are not in trouble. Everything is gonna be just fine. Why? Because of you!

Because in the fertile land of your mind and your sacred garden, I have now planted a seed of success. Out of it will grow whatever you want. If you keep focusing on it and nurture it.

Leadership is not to create followers but leaders. Spread this vision of what a leader is with another leader. And by doing this you become a leader. See you in 40 years.