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Who is Runy Calmera?

I’m Runy Calmera.
An online trainer, business coach, storyteller and film maker. Those are a lot of roles to play. I’m living an exciting dream life.
This website is about you not me. It is a place to help you realize your dream life by creating your dream business online. It is a place to develop your imagination, willpower, perseverance, intuition, faith and gratitude: all higher faculties of your mind.  I’m doing the same by building my dream business and living a dream life on Curacao, in the Caribbean.
But this was not used to be like this. As a seven year old boy, living in a poor neighborhood, my mother told me that I should look around and see through whatever poor environment was around me. She said, “Do you know what that book in your hand is? That is everything you want it to be. You can convert that book into everything you want: a dream car, a dream villa, a dream life with great relationships, a healthy life.” So that is what I did. I learned the power of a dream and the power of your mind.
This power has been passed from generation to generation. From father to sons and daughters and from mother to sons and daughters. Mostly through stories.
I’m the first economist in my family to use this power of your mind and go to a University. That was not possible before and I broke that barrier. Now there are more that follow through that door.
I have a master in Economics and I have created many economic models for Caribbean islands.  These models are an easy copy of these economies. You use them to help policymakers and policy advisers in Ministries of Economic Development on small island economies in the world to realize the dreams for the people on their islands. Through training, advice and shows about economic development of small island economies in the world.
But that is only part of my story. I now mainly focus on helping small business owners on those islands reach their dream lives by building their online businesses, like me. By exporting their talents and crafts to the world and adding value to the lives of other people. 
If you are a small business owner, I help you find the true story of your life and execute the script. I do this in short intense online boot-camps for a group of businesses, in our membership sites and groups, in one on one coaching and in online mastermind groups. I invite you to see what I have to offer here for free and if you want to invest in yourself contact me to join one of our programs.
My main passion as a storyteller is to bring memorable stories to the world and help you advance your life.
My dream is to help people on the 54 small island economies in the world to live a dream life on their paradises. And to help all other people in the world who want to live on a piece of paradise achieve their goals.
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